Sick DJ Yesung fill up with key ~~~


“.. somewhere .. if something happens to syukirae ~
Kikiki key kikiki ~ ~ great comforting! Yap! ♪ “

On Tuesdays .. For example, on behalf of a sick DJ ..
I came shiny keys ~ ~

Leeteuk hyung helping .. Kigun haejun really hard!

You get used to the camera ~ ~ non sukira ..
Unlike old DJ who hangs Special ..

Each time you press the shutter
Dynamic facial expressions and poses showcase the key ..

Day .. Special DJ did not mean .. good condition
(See how the red eyes? ㅠ ㅠ)

But as many as when to proceed ..
You will suddenly become so much of the power to cheer!

Sometimes .. Depart to the Andromeda kinim ..

True .. Hard to say .. Komen Thread
Full of great ~ ~ Fighting! Key face!

“Too many keys kisoken .. ..
You shelter .. Eopne .. ♪ ”

(I guess that’s a lot of songs .. thanks .. the key DJ)


Kinim us back to earth again .. Hello hello!

Two hours ..
Leeteuk hyungahreul had a lot of trouble to help!

Thanks .. We also rested Yesung DJ
Been able to return in good health ^ ^


credit to: KBS World

translate by : chitsura with poor Korean trough google translator


cutie.. cutie.. Sukira DJ Teuk n Yesung


March 14 ..

Two couples on the cheeks of candy
Honk feeling, but ..

Empty for a solo ..
Gwiyomiro was transformed by two DJ ~ ~

Grade 2 Class 8! Little Gimjongun!
2nd grade 9 class! Little Park Jung Soo!

~ start to smile

Woojjujjujju ~ ~ ~
As much as you want to bite ..
Cute ?^^;;!

Yellow a good color for special DJ ~ ~

Take your love of the seer ..
Increasingly .. Jalsaeng gyeo jineyo ..

Twinkle ~ ~ brilliant! Sparkle!

*fresh ttalgi… mmmh…*

And then he embarrassed the meantime ..
Examples show that smiles all the DJ!!

That hat goes well man ..
I will not so much, ~ ㅋㅋ

Chinese fans have sent us .. Delicious pizza!
Thank you ~


credit to: KBS World

translate by : chitsura with poor Korean trough google translator

SPAO CF Spring/Summer 2011 feat SuJu and SNSD

In the CF, SPAO shows off its many different types of jeans, ‘Star Jeans’. Siwon wore ‘Skinny’, Heechul wore ‘Slim Baggy’, Seohyun wore ‘Skinny Straight’, Yuri wore ‘Jeggings’, Sooyoung and Eunhyuk wore ‘Slim Straight’, and Yoona wore ‘Skinny Tapered’.

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Two is enough … Leeteuk with the guitar


Monday Leeteuk, Yesung DJ!
With only the two!

Did you two have enough? ^ ^

Others were found in the corner of the studio!
Last time he play the piano and then this time .. Guitar

Most people are hard to understand!
Genius musician .. Leeteukui .. 4-D playing!

“What you stuff it!” In the surrounding reaction ..
Continued the play.

The DJ emerged as a new band member.. Jeongmo ssi! Please relax! ㅋㅋ

Leeteuk hyung play along with guitar meanwhile Yesung is boring. Such as touching talent …

Million dollar smile of Yesung ..

“I do not get bored .. .. Leteuk hyung safe playing
really .. It’s okay .. everyone..^^”

But ..

Other… other…

Yesung DJ come and play with us ..
really? ㅠ ㅠ


credit to: KBS World

translate by : chitsura with poor Korean trough google translator

See you next time DJ Eun… TT_TT


February 28th just like other same day

Uri DJ Eun … because of overseas trip will be out for a while

Eunhyuk’s an empty spot ..
Much loved brother and!
Caring hyunnie so much!
Yesung did decided to fill ..

Brother brothers towards Eunhyuk mind!
Hunhunhage feel ..

Eunhyuk ~ born to be loved and ~ ~ ~ ♪

“Hey! .. I do not cut until it’s supposed to!”

“Hell, yeah! until very old grandfather ..
.. this place Will never drop! Unconditionally it’s ours now! “

Such business will be moved to the saying ..
Never Ending Story, two people dreaming syukira …

Drama, “Athena> As if taking
Only look very .. To the spleen …

But .. Even going to come back soon ..
The thing off for a while .. .. so sad
My heart is sick … Huljjeokhuljjeok ..
It hurts us to hear that .. Huljjeokhuljjeok ..

Eukyakyakya ~ ~ Look!
That’s the majesty of Hallyu Star!
Same great people I popped! ㅋ ㅋ

Eunhyuk fans are enjoying the love DJ!

I hope so much when you want me to come back euhihi ~!
You never forget ~ ~ ~ Eunhyuk two
‘ll Wait for us! Yes?

Eunhyuk complain of the appearance, such as affectionate trio .. ~ ~ ㅋ ㅋ

See you soon DJ Eun .. take care with SJM


credit to: KBS World

translate by : chitsura with poor Korean trough google translator